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Peeples Physical Therapy and Fitness Clinic

1744 Iowa Street

Bellingham, Washington 98229

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BIOGRAPHY Common conditions



Physical therapy treatment is to

restore or maintain the highest

level of function for each

individual, best achieved via

an attentive and experienced,

single practitioner method

that emphasizes:


What I offer here at Peeples Physical Therapy is a professional one on one relationship between myself and you as a client. It is my belief that as a physical therapist I must utilize my eyes, hands and knowledge of anatomy and physiology to help assess the many clients who present with musculoskeletal conditions. In physical therapy there is no single method, but a multiplicity of approaches to attain positive outcomes. Yet, the most important aspects are the role of clinical judgment and treatment rationale which come from experience.

   Consistency of Care



   Direct responsibility

and hands-on care from

the point of evaluation

to discharge.


I have worked hard to establish an environment at Peeples Physical Therapy that allows for a personalized hands on approach to therapeutic interventions through the continuum of care. In

my practice I am dedicated to assisting individuals maximize their functional potential as well as educating them in self treatment strategies so they may better manage their condition independently.

   Optimal communication

between therapist and





   Professional treatment

and management with

appropriate follow-up

relating to patient




   Individualized patient

education with emphasis

placed on self treatment

strategies for long-term